New Backpack Styles For School

Not all backpacks are created equal. There are the basic backpacks that simply carry your books to and from school and then there are the backpacks that can handle the extreme, outdoor elements when camping. Some backpacks are designed to hold special gear such as laptops or mp3 players. What are some of the new backpack styles for going to school? Here are several styles to consider when choosing a new backpack.

1.Rolling Backpacks.
While rolling backpacks are not exactly new, each year they look less and less like suitcases on wheels and more and more like sleek backpacks. With the newest rolling backpacks, the wheels and the telescoping handles are designed to be less noticeable when not in use. However, when students are walking to and from school, they are easily accessible, keeping the stress of a heavy backpack off kids’ backs

2.Laptop Backpacks.
As more and more students, particularly high school and college students, have begun to take their laptop computers with them to school, new styles of backpacks have emerged which are designed to securely carry a laptop. When searching for a laptop backpack, form should follow function. While there are many attractive laptop backpacks on the market, a laptop backpack should first keep the computer secure, and then it should be stylish. Fortunately, it is not difficult to find one that does both.
Laptop backpacks should be well padded to absorb any shock should the backpack hit the floor while the computer is inside. Higher quality backpacks also have a separate padded sleeve to slip the laptop into before putting it into the backpack. There should also be ample storage for cables and other computer accessories as well as a student’s books. The backpack itself should be lightweight because the addition of the laptop can increase its weight significantly.

3.Gadget Backpacks.
Gadget backpacks are often designed with specific pouches or compartments to carry small electronic devices such as mp3 players or handheld gaming systems. A backpack that is designed to carry an mp3 player usually has a specific compartment for the device and a hole in front of the compartment to allow the headphone cord to emerge from the backpack. This enables the wearer to listen to their music while it is in the backpack. Some mp3 backpacks even have speakers so others can listen to the mp3 player, too.
Backpacks that are designed to carry gadgets like handheld gaming systems also have compartments to hold the systems and a variety of game cartridges. Often, one backpack is designed to hold both mp3 players and gaming systems. A student who is considering a gadget backpack should also make sure that there is ample room for books and other school supplies as well as the right compartments for their gadgets.

4.Small Backpacks.
Many studies have been done on the effects of backpacks on the back, and most studies will say that younger students need a backpack designed to fit them. That means smaller and lighter weight backpacks should be used for students in pre-school through somewhere around junior high (depending on the size of the student, of course).
In recent years, many backpacks have been designed with this in mind, and it is now possible to get backpacks in a variety of sizes. Some of these smaller backpacks also come with designs that interest younger students like cartoon characters, TV and music personalities, or camouflage (both traditional camo for boys and pink camo for girls).
These backpacks are designed to carry just the basics – books and pencils. Sometimes they come with matching lunchboxes that attach on to the outside of the pack.

5.Sports backpacks.
There are now backpacks that are designed to carry a student’s sporting equipment. For example, a backpack that is designed for a student who plays soccer may have a large mesh pocket on the front to hold a muddy soccer ball. It may also have a ventilated section to place cleats and socks.
Some backpacks are designed specifically to carry baseball bats and gloves and ones designed to transport basketball equipment. For most sports that a student can play, there has been a backpack designed to help carry the gear.

6.Student backpacks.
Student backpacks are now designed to do more than cart books and assignment calendars to and from class; they are also designed to cater to a student’s interests. A backpack with a pocket for holding an mp3 player is an excellent choice for a student walking to class. If you are into sports, you can find a backpack with enough pockets for holding your sporting gear as well as your books. When choosing a new backpack, it is best to determine what is going to be carried in the backpack, and then find something designed for those items. To help you find the right backpack that fits for your needs visit To read more about school backpacks click here.